Friday, December 31, 2004

Self Censorship - Don't Do It

Yesterday, I posted on PR, publicity, Lizzie Grubman and Peter Shankman.

Those of you that read my blog know that I have tried to make my blog into more than just about starting my agency, but about issues in PR that need to be raised, and trying to raise the bar. And, yes, sometimes rattling cages.

Apparently, I rattled the cage a little too hard and it offended some people.

Naturally, I saved the original post, and will likely repost portions of it. I had a great dialogue with Josh Hallett of Hyku on some points that I raised about the bridge / barrier issue, and he pointed to a similar post on BuzzMachine.

I have those emails, and with his okay, will repost them as well.

I blog to try to bring up issues in PR and the PR blogosphere. It's as pretty much cut and dry as that. I have had this discussion in the past with a few other PR bloggers, particularly Robert French at InfOpinions.

Why should we blog? Should we be trying to better the industry? With students - like the lovable Auburn bloggers - should we be mentors, helping them out and trying to get them to be better PR people? I know that I have helped out at least two PR students in the past month with interviews and jobs, as well as having volunteered to be a mentor for the University of Missouri PR Club, when asked by Heather Pugh of Buzz Magazine.

So, yes, I will continue to tear down what I see as bullshit in public relations. Potential clients may read my blog, and if they find offence with what I have written, it's pretty obvious that we might have not been a good fit to begin with. I didn't open POP! PR, though, to take everything and everyone that crossed my door but to work on things that interested me, and that I would find exciting, interesting, and, yes, fulfilling.

Keep an eye out, though, for the pulled post. It will reappear in some form soon enough.